Èn årtike di Wikipedia.

[WA] Poloz-vos, s' i vos plaît, nén disfacer èç categoreye, minme s' i gn' a rén d'dins.
[EN] Please do not delete this category even if it is empty

[WA] Les fitchîs vént rocî cwand {{NowCommons}} est radjouté åzès fitchîs.
[EN] Files end up here if {{NowCommons}} is added to the file.

[WA] Si les fitchîs sont propôs, s' is sont so les Commons eyet si totes les infôrmåcions sont rola, is polnut esse disfacés
[EN] Files can be deleted if it is checked that the file is on Commons and all relevant info is copied there.

Cisse categoreye ci n’ a pol moumint nol årtike ni media.