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Please, could you translate en:Podolsk into Walon? Naturally if you have available time![candjî l’ côde wiki]

Good day to you! Could you, please, translate into Walon the article, containing two-three sentences, about this city in Russia? I’d like to thank you in advance :)--Переход Артур 15 di fevrî 2011 a 11:11 (UTC)

I'm sorry I'm not able to write in Walloon at all! — Bjung 15 di fevrî 2011 a 16:22 (UTC)

"Fosse" in Walloon Wiki[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Of course ! : "Fosse" must be just a disambiguätion article.

--Lucyin 21 di fevrî 2011 a 20:39 (UTC)

Hi there[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Thank you for reminding me! now it's fine, That was accidentally, I've fixed it all. Thank you again.

AwamerT 23 d' awousse 2011 a 18:04 (UTC)