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Hi! I'm from the Danish Wikipedia --> da:Bruger:MGA73

I'm also on Commons --> commons:User:MGA73

I will work a bit on files to get them copied to Commons if possible.

Some files need a license. Check Sipeciås:Fichiers_non_catégorisés Some files could be deleted if not usable. Check: Sipeciås:Fichiers_inutilisés

A little help code to copy to files before transfering to Commons (files in Categoreye:Copy to Commons - Lucyin)

==Description== {{Information | description = Grand åté d' l' eglijhe di Transene. | source = {{own}} | date = | author = [[Uzeu:Lucyin|Lucyin]] }} ==Conditions d'utilisation== {{licince imådjes Lucyin}}

  • A tool which you can collect list of images which are repeated (name or content) with other commons. You can use it here