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Pages on actors[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Please re-categorise actors by country. The category Rilomés acteurs is overloaded. At one time, we will have to keep just some 50 people by country.

--Lucyin (discussion) 14 di fevrî 2017 a 19:50 (UTC)

Thank you for your last work on actors, and especially creation of "country pages" (actors of canadian cinema). Can you change "skepî" into "skepyî" (a systematic mistake of contributors in that field).

--Lucyin (discussion) 16 di fevrî 2017 a 20:45 (UTC)

Thank you again. With correct words (skepyî) and correctly written dates, and photograph, and presence in at least 10 other wiki's, and categorized in their national cinema, we can keep those actors stubs. We can also keep actors from others cinema's than the US one. If they are born outside US, but starring in US cinema, they should also be categorized «Acteurs do cinema estazunyin» (see: Mila_Kunis).

An easy "carreer history" in Walloon is given for Alessandra_Negrini.

In such short pages, I woud prefer photo's on the left hand side, and smaller (template in "File" |thumb|120px|left| : see John Travolta).

--Lucyin (discussion) 16 di fevrî 2017 a 21:35 (UTC)

You have been blocked from editing[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hi Lucyn, I tried editing here but three times it appeared that I'm blocked. I also tried to write on your discussion page but I'm also blocked from editing it. These messages appear on the pages "Quelque chose s'est mal passé" and "You have been blocked from editing". Could you please kindly check why I can not edit this Wikipedia? I'm editing on all the others, the problem should be local. Thank you. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 11 di djanvî 2018 a 04:59 (UTC)

Please Lucyn. could you remove my block, I do not why I am blocked [1]. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 11 di djanvî 2018 a 14:17 (UTC)
Well, I removed my block but I do not understand why you blocked me on 6 january 2018. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 11 di djanvî 2018 a 14:25 (UTC)
Sorry, but I am upset since a long time by new articles on American actors which are (1) written by unknown user (2) not documented, (3) not written correctly, (4) not categorised on the way I proposed (see: Modele:!acteurs). Look Charles_Bronson: this sort of page is a shame for Walloon Wikipedia!
You probably made a modification on such pages when I was blocking those adresses.
Walloon Wikipedia does not need such a great number of poor pages on one domain in one country. We have now 29 pages on American actors, some of them needing further development to pass on category Rilomés acteurs.
Please do not add in such pages of obscure American actors. If you are interested in cinema, there are different national cinema's not yet - or poorly - mentionned here (for exemple: Italian, French, Indian, Russian, Iranian, Mexican, Japonese, and... Belgian). Moreover, some well-known American actors (Charles_Bronson, Walt Disney need longer pages).
Sincerely yours.

--Lucyin (discussion) 14 di djanvî 2018 a 16:08 (UTC)

  • Dear colleague, you made a terrible mistake and come to apologize in this way? I was editing mainly in geography subjects (see my edits Sipeciås:Contributions/DARIO SEVERI) and I made some modification on actors because You ask me to do this (see [2]). I am not interested in cinema and I do not edit on this subject in any of the 330 Wikipedias that I usually edit. You made a big mistake blocking me for six months and come with those excuses? I should mention that in Meta. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 15 di djanvî 2018 a 01:36 (UTC)

Thank you to control American actors "lean" pages[candjî l’ côde wiki]

It is better to delete them. (We must first develop great actors who are also producers, like Walt Disney or Charles Bronson before going further; but I am quite alone in Walloon Wiki to make articles on ALL topics !)

I had put a limit of 50 American actors. Now,. I think all new additions, except for Worldwide celebrities, should be deleted.

Thank you for volunteer work on Wikipedia. Our children and greatchildren will be proud of us.

--Lucyin (discussion) 23 d' fevrî 2018 a 13:16 (UTC)

new "bad" pages of American actors[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Can you stop them again ? I deleted two of them.

Thank you in advance.

--Lucyin (copene) 11 di decimbe 2018 a 21:54 (UTC)