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Status on checking files[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hi! I hope you are safe and happy!

I have been busy on other wikis so I have not been active here on for some time. So I really can't remember what the status is. But perhaps we can just take it step by step. I have 2 things today:

1) Your sister have send us a permission for 2 files. I added the permission to the file pages so they should be safe/ok now. I asked her about 18 other files where her name was mentioned. She have not replied yet. Feel free to ask her about it next time you see her. If she does not like to write in English I can ask someone else to send her a mail.

2) There are some unused files on Sipeciås:Fichiers_inutilisés. I suggest to delete those that are no longer usable and those that can't be saved no matter what. Then we can see what to do with the rest.

--MGA73 (copene) 3 d' setimbe 2020 a 13:52 (UTC)

Thank you. I shall ask my sister do to so.
I will work on unused files the coming months.
--Lucyin (copene) 3 d' setimbe 2020 a 21:34 (UTC)

That sounds good. If possible:

3) User:Djozewal uploaded many files to and Commons. Several of the files on Commons was deleted. If it is possible to send a permission to OTRS then I think we can save some of the files that was deleted + the files uploaded here on We may need a permission from you too for the files related to Li Rantoele.

Mr Schoovaerts would be OK, but can you gather all the files on a unique e-mail and ask him directly for permission at «».
For covers of "Li Rantoele" with his drawings, which he has uploaded, of course, I also agree, as chief editor, that they should be published on Commons. Can you similarily group them on a sole document (and send it to mi at

--MGA73 (copene) 6 di setimbe 2020 a 14:15 (UTC)

Your sister have now replied and I added the permission. You should be able to see the files here a little later when the system have updated the database. You are welcome to check description and categories etc. --MGA73 (copene) 6 di setimbe 2020 a 17:44 (UTC)
I 'll manage their categorization as soon as possible.
--Lucyin (copene) 7 di setimbe 2020 a 18:48 (UTC)

S2[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Paul Marchot - Le patois de St-Hubert, 1890.djvu

Come dit dvins l' mail ki dj' vos a-st evoyî, dj' a metou l' fitchî so les Cmons, et so Wikisourd francès, si vos vloz bouter dsus. Vos ploz adon disfacer ciste imådje ci.

Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 25 di setimbe 2020 a 08:34 (UTC)

Merci co 13 côps.
--Lucyin (copene) 25 di setimbe 2020 a 11:10 (UTC)