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Dear Michael[candjî l’ côde wiki]

I put the grandfather template you created in most of the files that are in this category, because:

  • Uploaded on before 10/2014
  • I know Djozewal has OTRS

However, lots of pieces of information are still missing, and he hasn't been active here since 2017. Any suggestion? Yours sincerely, --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 16:09 (UTC)

Hi Èl-Gueuye-Noere! Grandfather template is meant for files where the uploader claim to have a permission from author. In most case we do not know who the author is because it is not mentioned on the file page. I would delete them all unless they qualify for fair use. Imådje:Meparoba.gif is used in Jean Roba so i would perhaps keep that file. But the rest are not important for the articles I think so I would delete them. --MGA73 (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 16:37 (UTC)
I misunderstood, then. I keep only two Meparoba images and delete the rest. Thank you for your explanations.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 16:39 (UTC)
Hello @Michael,
All problematic files have been deleted. However, I ask myself if I could move this one to Commons, even though they are people on it (they are so small that I think we are not able to recognise them). What should I do?
Yours sincerely,
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 11 di may 2021 a 18:47 (UTC)
Èl-Gueuye-Noere Yes I think it is okay to move. --MGA73 (copene) 11 di may 2021 a 18:53 (UTC)
Great. It's already done. I think it's time to delete this category? --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 11 di may 2021 a 19:09 (UTC)
Dear Michael
Would you agree if I delete this category?