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Status on checking files[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hi! I hope you are safe and happy!

I have been busy on other wikis so I have not been active here on for some time. So I really can't remember what the status is. But perhaps we can just take it step by step. I have 2 things today:

1) Your sister have send us a permission for 2 files. I added the permission to the file pages so they should be safe/ok now. I asked her about 18 other files where her name was mentioned. She have not replied yet. Feel free to ask her about it next time you see her. If she does not like to write in English I can ask someone else to send her a mail.

2) There are some unused files on Sipeciås:Fichiers_inutilisés. I suggest to delete those that are no longer usable and those that can't be saved no matter what. Then we can see what to do with the rest.

--MGA73 (copene) 3 d' setimbe 2020 a 13:52 (UTC)

Thank you. I shall ask my sister do to so.
I will work on unused files the coming months.
--Lucyin (copene) 3 d' setimbe 2020 a 21:34 (UTC)

That sounds good. If possible:

3) User:Djozewal uploaded many files to and Commons. Several of the files on Commons was deleted. If it is possible to send a permission to OTRS then I think we can save some of the files that was deleted + the files uploaded here on We may need a permission from you too for the files related to Li Rantoele.

Mr Schoovaerts would be OK, but can you gather all the files on a unique e-mail and ask him directly for permission at «».
For covers of "Li Rantoele" with his drawings, which he has uploaded, of course, I also agree, as chief editor, that they should be published on Commons. Can you similarily group them on a sole document (and send it to mi at

--MGA73 (copene) 6 di setimbe 2020 a 14:15 (UTC)

Your sister have now replied and I added the permission. You should be able to see the files here a little later when the system have updated the database. You are welcome to check description and categories etc. --MGA73 (copene) 6 di setimbe 2020 a 17:44 (UTC)
I 'll manage their categorization as soon as possible.
--Lucyin (copene) 7 di setimbe 2020 a 18:48 (UTC)

Hi! I missed your message about User:Djozewal. I will have a look and see what I can do. --MGA73 (copene) 6 di fevrî 2021 a 21:10 (UTC)

Hi! I have now talked with him and he has been very helpful. I wonder if "Li Rantoele" have a website? We may have to verify the e-mail adresses to make sure that they are related to the magazine. --MGA73 (copene) 7 di fevrî 2021 a 11:42 (UTC)
Hello again! I think there is a good chance that the permission send by Djozewal can be approved soon. Have you seen my email about forwarding the mail to permissions-commons xx --MGA73 (copene) 8 di fevrî 2021 a 20:01 (UTC)

Hi! I have now accepted the permission from Djozewal for the files in Categoreye:Files uploaded by Djozewal. I will now start to add source and author with my bot. When they are moved to Commons they will end up in c:Category:Files uploaded by Djozewal.

You and Uzeu:Reptilien.19831209BE1 are welcome to help check and fix the files and move them to Commons. But please make sure that you do not remove c:Category:Files uploaded by Djozewal as I need to add an OTRS template on Commons and it is easier for me to do so if the files are in this category.

There are some files where I need some help. For example scans of news papers and very old photos. They may be uploaded by Djozewal but I'm not sure if he is the photographer. There are also a few photos of him. They are not selfies I think so he is not the photographer. --MGA73 (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 17:22 (UTC)

  • First question: File:Tablo043.jpg shows some sort of art work and that may be a problem in relation to c:COM:DW. What is the important in the photo? Is it the dog? The dog toy? The art work? --MGA73 (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 17:31 (UTC)
  • Second question: Imådje:14-18.jpg I do not understand the text. If you think it is not likely that Djozewal is the artist then please fix the file page and do not move file to Commons. Same with any other files you are not sure about. --MGA73 (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 17:44 (UTC)
  • Third: Files in Categoreye:NowCommons are moved to Commons. I think you are the only one that can delete them. If Uzeu:Èl-Gueuye-Noere plan to move many files you could concider temporary admin status so files can be deleted when moved with FileImporter. --MGA73 (copene) 18 di fevrî 2021 a 16:36 (UTC)
@MGA73 :
  1. In this photo, you have 2 dogs: the first is obvious, the second is represented by an iron sculpture. This picture was used to illustrate in a funny way the word "tchén" (dog in Walloon), on the Wiktionary, but it isn't used anymore. The most important in this photo is theses two dogs, the rest is unnecessary.
  2. The text with this picture means: "Images (wood engraving/woodcut) circa 1953". I guess Djozewal isn't the author and he took the picture in a book, but which one, I cant tell it. In my opinion we can delete it for lack of information about the source. We have many others images about this subject (World War I) on Commons.
Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 21:47 (UTC)
Disfacé li bwès avou les croes (si dji l' atôtche, dji lyi dmandrè si c' est lu ki l' a fwait, et l' rapexhî).
Ricategorijhî li "tchén d' fier", ribatijhî, et rmetou sol Wiccionaire.
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' måss 2021 a 12:33 (UTC)
Imådje:14-18.jpg: dji l' a rapexhî et dmander cwè a Djozé. [I just asked Djozewal by email].
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' måss 2021 a 21:33 (UTC)
Response da Djozé: L’dèssin èst bin da mi. Fêt avant 1955.
--Lucyin (copene) 2 d' måss 2021 a 10:53 (UTC)

Come dit dvins l' mail ki dj' vos a-st evoyî, dj' a metou l' fitchî so les Cmons, et so Wikisourd francès, si vos vloz bouter dsus. Vos ploz adon disfacer ciste imådje ci.

Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 25 di setimbe 2020 a 08:34 (UTC)

Merci co 13 côps.
--Lucyin (copene) 25 di setimbe 2020 a 11:10 (UTC)

Dj' a rarindjî l' fitchî PDF, paski les 150 prumirès pådjes n' estént nén dins l' bon ôre. Gn aveut eto 2-3 doblons ki dj' a rsaetchî, et dji n'a nén trové l' pådje 78 ! Dji vos va l’ evoyî.

Pitite kesse, est çki vs savoz si gn a ddja on pordjet e rote po si riscrijhaedje éndjolike u so papî ? Paski l' papîscrît n' est waire åjhey a lére. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 9 d' octôbe 2020 a 16:12 (UTC)

Oyi, la des ans et des razans (al boune dispu 1990) ki Willy Seffer (on bouteu å Club walon d' Måmdey, mins k' est moirt) s' aveut metou a l' ricopyî. Asteure, c' est Renée Sedyn ki divreut sawè cwè sol çou k' a ddja stî fwait, veyanmint k' ele boute (dispu 1995, al boune) sol grand pordjet di franwal di Måmdiy et Waime. (
Li modêye k' on-z a, elle a stî fotocopieye al comene di Faimonveye minme pa Tiri Dumont, si djel tén ben. Dandjreus k' les foyous A & B avént ddja stî disrindjîs (pa Seffer ?) po rcopyî lete pa lete. Dji n' sai rén sol pådje 78.
--Lucyin (copene) 9 d' octôbe 2020 a 21:17 (UTC)

Kirgizistan avou /ʒizis/ mi shonne drole come prononçaedje. Mi dj' åreu dit Kirdjistan... e francès gn a eto l' cogne Kirghizstan. Comint dirîz, vos Lucyin ?

Dji djheu «Kirkizistan», k' on pôreut co rsimplifyî a «Kirkistan». Les 3 cossounes K / R / gh sont impossibes a prononcî e walon. Dj' eployreu voltî on sfwait simplifiaedje po «crocrodile» et «ananite» (estô di «crocodile», «amanite»).
--Lucyin (copene) 12 d' octôbe 2020 a 16:10 (UTC)
Awè, biesse ki dj' so ! çou n' est nén /ʒizis/ mins /gizis/, adon ça n' såreut esse Kirdjistan... Iva po Kirkistan ! Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 15 d' octôbe 2020 a 08:48 (UTC)
Cwand il a falou fé l' djivêye des payis del Daegn (po les ratournaedjes Linux), dj' aveu-st atåvlé Kirguiztan (eyet kirguiz(e) po l' addjectif) (on pout vey tos ces nos dins Drapeas del Daegn, metans).
Li no natif, eyet co e rûsse, c' est avou les cossounes K-R-G-Z, dji sereu po les wårder, purade ki d' candjî a K-R-K-S
li shûte r-g-V-z egzistêye e walon dins l' mot gargozea. C' est l' veur ki l' shûte k-V-r-g ni s' trouve nén (mins k-V-r-k bén); d' èn ôte costé, c' est nén on mot walon po cmincî, dins des sfwaits cas ostant k' possibe dmorer près do no natif, nonna?
Srtxg (copene)
Si l' mot a ddja stî rfondou Kirgiztan (2003), coridjî Kirguiztan (2006), adon dji vou bén shure. Dins l' prononçaedje, c' est tolminme li coron /stã/ avou asmilaedje. I gn a ki l' adurixhaedje do G ki candje dabord, motoit kel K di Lucyin vineut d' l' asmilaedje do H ki shût… Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 18 d' octôbe 2020 a 16:55 (UTC)

« ramexhné pa L. Léonard »[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Dins Motî:advalfa, c' est C1 ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 12 d' octôbe 2020 a 05:53 (UTC)

Nonna. C' est des mots des Walons del Wisconsene ramassés pa Lucyin Linåd tins d' ses voyaedjes e l' Amerike (a pårti d' 1975), cwand C1 esteut ddja eplaidî.
Dji va vey si dji rtrove li sourdant (live Françoise Lempereur ?, Cayé walon a pårt ?).
--Lucyin (copene) 12 d' octôbe 2020 a 16:47 (UTC)
Gn a sacwant mots dins C.W. 1975, 3, mins advalfa n' î est nén. Gn a co des sacwès dins C.W. 75, 4, mins dji n' l' a nén.
--Lucyin (copene) 13 d' octôbe 2020 a 16:16 (UTC)
Mete insi sol Wiccionaire: {{s-rif|cåzeu walon del Wisconsene|diviè 1974, ramexhné pa [[w:Lucien Léonard|]]}}
--Lucyin (copene) 13 d' octôbe 2020 a 17:00 (UTC)

C' est cwè si rsinta so li Rfondou walon ? Si dj' a bén comprins çou k' on pout lére vaici, vaila, so Berdelaedjes, i l' voet må evi, mins dji n' a nén vormint comprins pocwè el fond ? Dji voe eto dins ses scrijhaedjes ki n' shût nén spepieuzmint l' sistinme Feller (expéryince, candger, faisèt,…). Ôte pitite kesse, cwand i scrît an (betchfessî å), c' est bén /ɔ/ k' i prononce ? C' est tolmoens çou ki dj' croereu-z ôre vaici... Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 16 d' octôbe 2020 a 07:47 (UTC)

I l' voet vormint evi. Dji vos evoyrè pa emile onk di ses corwaitaedjes (e francès), ki dj' endè djåze dins l' Rantoele 94 (letes di cibernaivieus), mins ki dj' n' a djamåy metou al disbate so "Berdelaedjes". S' i vos shonne ki ça pout siervi, djel metrè.
Neni, i n' sicrît nén e Feller, veyanmint les deus scrijhas "sh" et "dg", foû Feller (Morayns et Limpreu E167 avént sayî di rmete li "dg" so Lidje (Lîdge), mins ça n' a nén prins).
Manfred a fwait s' motî lu tot seu, sins cnoxhance do Feller, la k' i dveut "coschirer l' tins" cwand k' i boutéve a Bastogne, et-z î lodjî. Pu seulmint après côp, l' evoyî a Renée Sedyn, et rmete ene miete di Feller divins.
Non, cwand i scrît "an", c' est vormint /ã/ (dji cåze deus après-nonnes par an avou lu dispu aviè 2005; — on parvént minme a djåzer do rfondou, e walon, sins s' apougnî, çou k' est on fwait unike dins les rapoirts inte waloneus). Mins ses mots avou des «an» "nén come les ôtes", c' est tos mots avou l' betchfessîs å (dji va sayî di d' endè fé ene djivêye odio. Pol minme viyaedje, mins ene djermêye divant, Toussaint [E200] scrît "â", mins c' est motoit po fé come li restant del Hôte Årdene. (dji m' va schoûter li "sayoe" d' cåzaedje totasteure).
Si vos l' vloz rschoûter:
--Lucyin (copene) 16 d' octôbe 2020 a 09:55 (UTC)

Ratournaedje e-n almand di : Li nute di may[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bondjoû Lucyin, cmint daloz-vos ?

Dj' a léjhou el ratournaedje d' èç ovraedje roci eyet dji m' a dmandé pocwè nén l' eplaidî sol Wikisourd almand-cåzant ? Il åreut brånmint pus d' lijheus dzeu eyet ç' est on moyén d' fé kinoxhe el walon, sortoit come lingaedje, e dijhant k' il a stî ratourné do walon viè l' almand.


--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 29 d' octôbe 2020 a 10:26 (UTC)

Cråne idêye. Si vos l' ploz fé, et mete on loyén eterlingaedjes. Asteme! i sont foirt sipepieus so ç' wiki la (dji n' a måy sicrît k' èn årtike, et aveur docô so mes doets pol lingaedje. Sayîz di fé rcoridjî l' prezintaedje pa onk ki cnoxhe bén l' langue, si vos n' estoz nén seur.
Dj' a lî ene sadju li no del kimere ki l' a ratourné e-n almand, mins dji n' parvén pus a li rtrover. C' esteut li feme d' on notåbe di Måmdiy (k' esteut e l' Prûsse a ç' moumint la). Vos l' pôrîz ridmander ås djins do Club walon d' Måmdiy ( (i sont eto so les "fesses do bok").
--Lucyin (copene) 29 d' octôbe 2020 a 13:21 (UTC)
D'acoird, dji rwaitrè a çoula.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 29 d' octôbe 2020 a 15:43 (UTC)
Dj' a loukî sol Daegntoele, ki dj' creyeu k' c' esteut la, mins dji n' a rén trové (so ç' sudjet la), mins des sorprijhes (modêye rokenrol). Les hårdêyes sont droci
--Lucyin (copene) 29 d' octôbe 2020 a 17:27 (UTC)

Vos vs sovnoz di ké-n ovraedje vént li ptite foto k' on trouve vaici ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 14 di nôvimbe 2020 a 19:24 (UTC)

Oyi: "On fièsse lès sints" (les fêtes calendaires dans la littérature en wallon carolorégien) (3) p. 5, El Bourdon, 1993.
On l' pout ragrandi s' i fåt.
--Lucyin (copene) 15 di nôvimbe 2020 a 17:34 (UTC)

Fernand Vannuffel[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bonswer Lucyin,

Dj' a veyou k' vos avoz riscrî on scrijhaedje da ç' monsieu so s'-n' årtike Wikipedia. Do côp, pou-dju l' mete sol Wikisourd, ç' ki nos freut èn årtike di pus dzo ?


--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 16 di nôvimbe 2020 a 19:20 (UTC)

Målureuzmint, so Wikisourd, fåt k' l' ome soeye moirt dispu dipus d' 70 ans (i sont foirt sipepieus ladsu). Roci, c' est po-z enimådjî l' ovraedje do scrijheu, adon, c' est diferin.
--Lucyin (copene) 17 di nôvimbe 2020 a 16:17 (UTC)

Vos av diné po s' pa : Joseph Loos (1886-1937). Dj' a rtrové si date di skepiaedje e 1886 divins l' Motî biyobibiografike des scrijheus e walon, mins po çou k' est d' ès date di moirt, vos vs sovnoz eyou çki vos l'av prins ? C' est po Wikidata et Wikisourd, dj' a eto trové ene foto a mete so les Cmons. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 21 di nôvimbe 2020 a 19:18 (UTC)

Dins l' tecse "c' esteut m' popa", divins li ptit livret, «Jean Loos, bén la on bea, edon, cila, Riflorixhåjhe 2» (2015), p. 2.
--Lucyin (copene) 21 di nôvimbe 2020 a 20:22 (UTC)
Est çki c' est l' minme fr:Jean Loos, etrinneu do RFC et cåzu prezidint do Cåvea lidjwès, moirt li 25 di djulete 2005 (sourdant) ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 22 d' nôvimbe 2020 a 11:03 (UTC)
Oyi, por mi c' est l' minme, djelz a rashonnés so Wikidata. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 22 d' nôvimbe 2020 a 11:43 (UTC)

A rilomer Åbe (Lidje) ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 27 di nôvimbe 2020 a 09:20 (UTC)

Come di djusse ! L' ôte sicrijha come ripuwaryin.
--Lucyin (copene) 27 di nôvimbe 2020 a 12:17 (UTC)

Come i gn a tolminme 5 pådjes aloyeyes a cisse djin la, ci sreut bén d' nos dire on ptit mot sor lu. Est çki c' est l' minme Francis kel ci k' aveut-st askepyî li ptite waibe Carnets d' voyaedjes dispu Gochliye, u co l' Waibe da Enocin Citron ? Est c' todi l' minme Francis kel ci k' a fé sawè sol Wiccionaire k' il esteut disconte li mwaisse prononçaedje (asteure li PZC)  ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 11 di decimbe 2020 a 15:34 (UTC)

Oyi, c' est lu. On grand disfindeu do rfondou (des côps ene miete trop hagnûlmint). Djustumint, sol Wiccionaire, c' est lu k' aveut dit di n' nén mete li louwijhaedje so les accints.
Mins il a morou la deus ans, co djonne +- 70 ans (metou dins l' Rantoele mins acertiné nole pårt sol Daegntoele po sawè l' djoû). Dji scrirè ene sacwè dmwin, plait-st a Diu.
--Lucyin (copene) 14 di decimbe 2020 a 21:34 (UTC)
Fwait. Ses deus waibes sont ele wårdêyes e såvrité ? Ni vont ele nén esse disfaceyes on djoû ?
--Lucyin (copene) 16 di decimbe 2020 a 10:45 (UTC)

Salam uealaykum[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Salam khoya Lucyin, kif dayer ? Labas elik ? Bghit nsewlk ila kan momkin. Ana khdam fi Wikipedia b Tachelhit, o ila bghiti t3awena fiha merhba bik. Chokran Wikipedia Tachelhit : -- Uzeu:Ayour2002 12/12/2020

ka-n-khdem fi l-kalimat nta3 amazigh fi l-Wiktionary dialna. Walakin, ma ka-n-3erf chi tachelhit kafi bach n-kteb jmlat. n-qder n-7awel chi 7aja fi chhar wa7ed: (ⴰⵣⵡⵓ ⴷ ⵜⴰⴼⵓⵢⵜ). Khdemt 3lih fi had s-sit.
--Lucyin (copene) 14 di decimbe 2020 a 21:24 (UTC)
Machi mochkil, dghya hadi t3alam liha , te9der tekteb f l-wikipedia o hadi nse7o lik ila kant chi haja khat2a. Merhba bik —Ayour2002 (copene) 5 di fevrî 2021 a 15:28 (UTC)

Avou u sins D : Nicolas-Joseph Grisard ? Avou divins l' Motî biyobibiografike des scrijheus e walon, divins l' BSLLW, t. 2, 1839 (Google Books), sol waibe Les collections du Musée de la Vie wallonne,... u co so vosse waibe On coridje ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 20 d' decimbe 2020 a 23:08 (UTC)

sins D dins l' grosse antolodjeye Piron (1978) et dins l' papî Bernard Louis del Rantoele 48, ivier 2008-2009, p. 14. Ambedeus des scrijheus spepieus d' adlé Spepieus. Les ôtes rahoucas sont bén pus vîs. Dj' el wådreu sins D.
--Lucyin (copene) 21 di decimbe 2020 a 16:29 (UTC)
Iva, on va tolminme mete ene pitite note dins l' årtike. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 21 di decimbe 2020 a 22:39 (UTC)

Bondjoû Lucyin,

Dji vs sohaite on bon aniversaire. :-)


--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 31 di decimbe 2020 a 11:48 (UTC)

Bén merci co traze côps. Çou k' c' est po ça d' esse fitchî al CIA !!!
--Lucyin (copene) 31 di decimbe 2020 a 12:51 (UTC)

Djel rilomreu Jean-Guillaume Levaux, c' est come çoula k' il est prezinté divins l' motî des Walons, divins l' Motî biyobibiografike des scrijheus e walon, u co divins l' saye di bibiyografeye vervitwesse (« Essai de bibliographie verviétoise »), t. 2 (Google Books). Estoz d' acoird ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 8 di djanvî 2021 a 06:44 (UTC)

Dj' a rovyî d' dire ki lu-minme sene ses ouves J.-W. Levaux, avou W po William k' est l' cogne tixhone di Guillaume. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 8 di djanvî 2021 a 06:46 (UTC)
Oyi, da; dji l' a rcandjî.
--Lucyin (copene) 8 di djanvî 2021 a 19:16 (UTC)
Merci, djel a radjouté dinsi so Wikisourd. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 10 di djanvî 2021 a 19:32 (UTC)

A mete so les cmons ?[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Vos vs sovnoz kî c' est l' oteur di cisse foto la ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 18 di djanvî 2021 a 18:49 (UTC)

Oyi, c' est mi. A Telin. Vos l' ploz mete so les Cmons. Category:Walloon words Category:Tellin.
--Lucyin (copene) 18 di djanvî 2021 a 19:30 (UTC)
Fwait ! Fwait ! vos ploz disfacer l' pådje di Wikipedia.

Merci bén. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 20 d' djanvî 2021 a 06:13 (UTC)

Dji nd a fwait kékenes. Fåreut motoit ratinde ki Gueuye-Noere råye do tins (motoit k' il a des egzamins?).
--Lucyin (copene) 20 d' djanvî 2021 a 13:01 (UTC)
Bondjoû tertos,
Dj' a soulmint finixhou mes egazmins enute. Dji va sayî d' tot disfacer padvant l' 2 d' fevrî.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 20 d' djanvî 2021 a 15:03 (UTC)
Edit : li nombe d' årtike a bén dischindou, veyånmint ki dj' a disfacé tos les mots cminxhant på l' lete "B". --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 20 d' djanvî 2021 a 15:27 (UTC)
Bén merci bén. Dji voe ki vos ploz co bouter. Waitîz bén s' il ont bén stî rcopyîs sol Wiccionaire.
--Lucyin (copene) 20 d' djanvî 2021 a 17:37 (UTC)

Evintouwele novele mwaisse pådje[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bonswer Lucyin,
Dji prevoe d' candjî l' mwaisse pådje avou on vote roci. Li loyén viè l' evintouwele novele mwaisse pådje si trove rola eto.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 22 d' djanvî 2021 a 17:38 (UTC)

Por mi, vos l' ploz candji. Gn a nole rujhe. Li cene d' asteure date do tins da Matîssalé.
--Lucyin (copene) 24 di djanvî 2021 a 11:28 (UTC)

Bondjoû Lucyin,
Dj' a ene kesse rwaitant l' no d' on pitit ban d' Erkelene : Bèrsèyie ([FR] Bersillies-l'Abbaye). Ci no avou les accints graves so deus "e" shonne esse scrît e Feller? Avoz-vos ene idêye po l' escrire e rfondou ?
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 31 di djanvî 2021 a 15:30 (UTC)

Berseyî (sorlon prononçaedje) u Berseyiye (come Montniye) (sorlon l' djinre etimolodjike). Dji louke so TG4.
A! c' est l' cawete latene -iacas (da Onté, femrin pluriyal, did la, li "S" francès); Berseyes ? = les prôpietés da Bertho. Oyi, sayîz "Berseyes". Djel va askepyî insi dins l' Wiccionaire.
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' fevrî 2021 a 12:24 (UTC)
I va. Dji va rastinde l' no sol Wiccionaire padvant d' askepyî l' årtike. Po les deus ôtes nos k' vos avoz trové, on pout les mete come ôtes rifondous ?
Dank traze côps.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 1î d' fevrî 2021 a 12:34 (UTC)
Dji vos a ddja rfwait ene categoreye k' aveut stî disfaceye (ca: vude) so les Cmons. Ploz mete li limero da Berseye sol mape d' Erkelene ?
(ça n' a rén a vey, disfacez cwand vs l' åroz yeu lî): av evoyî les papîs administratifs po "li bijhe et l' solea" a Flipe Boula ( Vosse tecse est ddja so les fis (Tchålerwè, onglet "Rifondou").
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' fevrî 2021 a 12:44 (UTC)
Po "Berseyî" u "Berseyiye", dji n' sai ddja (=nén) si c' est bén di fé 36 rfondowes. A vos d' vey. U adon, come pî-note: on pôreut dire ossu…
Sol Commons, dj' a radjouté l' mape wice li ptit ban est metou e-n håynaedje ([FR] mis en évidence) dins l' categoreye, po-z awè pus åjhey.
Dji va rade lu scrire èn emile po dner m'-n' acoird ; dji l' a d'dja schouté yet dj' a ossu veyou k' i gn a bråmint d' noveas fis pol Walonreye, asteure.
Edit : l' emile vént d' esse evoyî.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 1î d' fevrî 2021 a 13:23 (UTC)
Adon, dji rsaetche li mape avou les limeros (et li ptite rimarke e-n inglès).
Vos ploz fé eto ene pådje Berseyes (France) ey ene pådje di discramiaedje Berseyes (discramiaedje). Dji vén d' sayî d' fé l' pådje pol Berseye di France dins l' wikipedia picård. I n' ont k' a rcoridjî çk' i fåt. Vos ploz mete li hårdêye eter-wiki si vos fjhoz ene pådje roci.
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' fevrî 2021 a 13:50 (UTC)

Hi! This file is mention Uzeu:Borbouze as source. Is it Imådje:Fitchî.png? Or do you remember where you got it? --MGA73 (copene) 6 di fevrî 2021 a 21:07 (UTC)

Yes. It was a photograph taken by Louis Baijot on a house in Nayômé.
I think it can be considered as public domain.
--Lucyin (copene) 8 di fevrî 2021 a 10:44 (UTC)
I moved it, categorizing it.
--Lucyin (copene) 8 di fevrî 2021 a 11:08 (UTC)

Bondjoû et bonne année![candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bondjoû Lucyin, J'espère que toi et tous les tiens allez bien. Désolé, je ne sais toujours pas écrire ni parler wallon... depuis la dernière fois où je t'avais écrit. Je te souhaite un bon 2021 plein de santé en espérant que tout s'améliore pour tout le monde. Je t'écris pour te demander s'il te serait possible de faire une petite vidéo en wallon (maximum 15 secondes) de thématique libre (présentation probablement) mais qui finirait par "Bon aniversari" et/ou "Per molts anys" (c'est-à-dire "pour de nombreuses années) dans le cadre du 20ème anniversaire de la Viquipèdia catalane. J'aimerais pouvoir compter sur quelques locuteurs wallons, parmi toute les autres wikipédistes de langues diverses qui participent, afin de faire connaître votre langue aux catalans et un peu à tout le monde. Je te remercie par avance de ton attention et j'espère pouvoir compter sur toi ! Bonne semaine ! A bientôt ! Claudi/Capsot (copene) 9 di fevrî 2021 a 18:54 (UTC)

Je vais essayer. C'est pour quand ? La dernière phrase: en wallon ou en catalan ?
--Lucyin (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 20:42 (UTC)
Bondjoû, dans les jours à venir, ce serait parfait; la dernière phrase ("Bon aniversari" ou "per molts anys") en catalan de préférence ! :) Le format doit être horizontal, de bonne qualité et envoyé à Mille mercis ! Bonne continuation et bon dimanche ! Si tu peux en informer les autres wikipédistes d'ici ce serait génial, plus il y aura de wallons mieux ce sera ! Una abraçada! A bientôt ! Claudi/Capsot (copene) 14 di fevrî 2021 a 15:55 (UTC)
Bondjoû Lucyin! J'espère que tu vas bien. La vidéo est bien arrivée, merci ! Je te tiendrai au courant par la suite. Bon week-end ! A bientôt ! Claudi/Capsot (copene) 27 di fevrî 2021 a 10:11 (UTC)

Djermons scrîts på ene sakî nén-walon-cåzante[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bonswer Lucyin,

Dj' a veyou k' enute, ene IP aveut scrît sacwants djermons so des acteurs estazunyins. Dji sai k' vos voeyoz ci djinre d' årtikes evî ; do côp, dji vos dine on côp d' aspale e vos dnant l' lisse des "boutaedjes" del IP po k' vos ayoz pus åjhey po tot disfacer.


--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 17:24 (UTC)

Gråces. Dji vén d' el fé.
--Lucyin (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 20:44 (UTC)
Bonswer Lucyin,
Advinez cwè ? L' årtike a stî raskepyî på èn ôte uzeu :
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 25 di fevrî 2021 a 20:38 (UTC)

Çou n' est nén l' minme sacwè ? Li prumî est d' 2006-2010, li deujhinme di 2018. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 19:35 (UTC)

Siya. Mins dj' a dvou rovyî ki dj' l' aveu ddja fwait. Come «stitchete» sieve purade po èn abocta (morfinme: cawete (linwince), betchete (linwince) et ristitchete (linwince), dji m' a dvou dire ki li mot «faflote» ireut mî.
Si on est d' acoird, ricandjîz tos les «coron-stitchete» et lès replaecî pa «coron-faflote».
Dj'atacrè a-z î bouter dimwin å matén (si dji n' mour nén del nute).
--Lucyin (copene) 12 di fevrî 2021 a 20:51 (UTC)
L' onk u l' ôte, c' est come vos vloz, motoit eto dmander a Pablo. Mi dji n' eploye ki munute paski dire coron- d' ene sacwè ki n' est nén todi å coron, ça n' mi shonne nén lodjike : gram′mére (E1), dèg′bèt′ (avou deus munutes, E1), an′dîve (E1), evnd. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 13 di fevrî 2021 a 08:47 (UTC)

Creator templates on Commons[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hi! I have made c:Creator:José Schoovaerts and c:Creator:Lucien Mahin on Commons. They can be added as author like on File:Coviète 76.jpg and File:2 båsheles clairs tchiveas ary-chahba.JPG. If you want you can use that instead of you user name in author field or you could have both. If there are any covers that you and Schoovaerts made together you can add both templates. --MGA73 (copene) 13 di fevrî 2021 a 10:00 (UTC)

Most of the deleted files are restored. It would be nice if you could help check c:Category:Li Rantoele-gazete and add the relevant categories and authors. Some files are text, some files are photos, some files are drawings and some are a combination. So I guess sometimes creator is Lucien Mahin sometimes José Schoovaerts and sometimes both. --MGA73 (copene) 13 di fevrî 2021 a 11:10 (UTC)
Thank you very very much.
--Lucyin (copene) 13 di fevrî 2021 a 18:59 (UTC)
José Schoovaerts have now given permission for you to upload his drawings and logos from Li Rantoele to Commons (Cc-by-sa-4.0). It is in Ticket:2021020710002245. Don't forget to make a list or something so I can add the permission. --MGA73 (copene) 20 d' fevrî 2021 a 16:08 (UTC)

Bondjoû Lucyin,
Vocial co on vandalisse på ene IP k' a stî tchessî evoye so tos les waibes do Wikimedia.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 20 d' fevrî 2021 a 13:53 (UTC)

--Lucyin (copene) 20 d' fevrî 2021 a 17:11 (UTC)

Moving files to Commons[candjî l’ côde wiki]

I got a mail from José Schoovaerts saying that he would be happy to see his drawings uploaded to Commons. In Categoreye:Files uploaded by Djozewal there are many files that can/should be moved to Commons. Some files are probably not created by him. For example Imådje:AiseauProcession1930.jpg that is from before he was born.

I know you are busy but if you could spare a little time to move some of the files I can add the OTRS template on Commons.

You could also make Èl-Gueuye-Noere or me and admin temporary so we can move the files to Commons and delete them locally during the proces. But since I do not speak Walloon and Google Translate can't help me then I have no idea if the spelling is correct or even what the text say.

You are also welcome just to move the files to Commons and take the fixing and categorization later. That way you can get the files moved faster.

I'm sorry to push you but as you say Mr. Schoovaerts is no longer a young man and we need his help checking some of the files. I think it would be easier if we move and delete all the files we are sure about before we ask him any questions. --MGA73 (copene) 23 d' fevrî 2021 a 18:16 (UTC)

I agree to make you and Èl-Gueuye-Noere temporary administrators, but how to do ? I am not used to those functions.
I could mention files that are clearly own works of José Schoovaerts. Prôpès ouves da Djozewal. I 'll begin now. Let us begin with a couple of those.
--Lucyin (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 09:45 (UTC)
Done some of them. Interesting but time-consuming for an optimum use over the Walloon wiki's and Commons.
--Lucyin (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 12:04 (UTC)
Looking at this log you did it before:
  • 20:37, 2 February 2020 Lucyin talk contribs changed group membership for Èl-Gueuye-Noere from (none) to administrator (temporary, until 20:37, 2 February 2021) (dimande acceptêye) (thank)
So it must be possible ;) And yes it will take some time. --MGA73 (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 14:02 (UTC)
Files in Categoreye:NowCommons are allready moved and can be deleted. But if you could check for spelling errors and perhaps bad filename. --MGA73 (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 14:13 (UTC)
@MGA73 : For what my wa@wiki member status is concerned, I was not re-elected this year. In fact, while I was campaigning for re-election, two of other wa@wiki contributors said "no", so I resigned. Furthermore, I think it's quite illegal to be administrator or to appoint one without the agreement of the community. The better is to ask permission, not only the permission of Lucyin, but also the permissions of @Reptilien and @Pablo. You should write a message on their user talk pages, then.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 15:04 (UTC)
Èl-Gueuye-Noere I know that usually admins have to go through a vote. But Lucyin is the only admin and only bureaucrat and this is to help move and delete files and only files. It is not about blocking users or other stuff that admins usually do. But if other users does not feel confortable about it then they can of course leave a message here, that they think it is not a good idea. You have send a ping to @Reptilien and @Pablo, so I hope they notice this discussion and comment. --MGA73 (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 15:34 (UTC)
Hi MGA73. I remember you did a good job a few months ago when you needed admin access for a similar task. As Lucyin is very busy in other Walloon projects, I agree to grant you again this status to proceed the task you discribed. It's a really thankless job, and I'm glad someone outside of the project is willing to take care of it. If you need help about translating descriptions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll try to answer you, or doing translation myself, as quickly as possible. Thanks for your help ;-) Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 16:53 (UTC)
Thank you very much Reptilien.19831209BE1! I have 2 questions at the bottom of Uzeu_copene:Lucyin#Status_on_checking_files. Perhaps you can answer those?
Also whenever you have some time to spare you are very welcome to have a look at the files in c:Category:Files_uploaded_by_Djozewal and check if there are any typos and if you want you could also add a short text in English or French. --MGA73 (copene) 26 di fevrî 2021 a 20:22 (UTC)
Didju, ti. Ça djåspene fer, vaici. Et dire ki c' est les femreyes k' on dit ki tchawtèt !!!
Samouwel, dji vos dene don li grande benediccion, avou l' åjhmince da Michael et Djulén, di ridivni manaedjeu vaici.
Åmen, c' est po les beguenes; åvé, c' est po les curés.
--Lucyin (copene) 27 di fevrî 2021 a 11:15 (UTC)
Dji n' a nén dné m'-n åjhmince po çoula, mins bon ! Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 27 di fevrî 2021 a 13:10 (UTC)

Hi! These 3 files are unused:

  1. Imådje:Pupsatch1.jpg
  2. Imådje:Pupsatch2.jpg
  3. Imådje:Pupsatch3.jpg

They look like a photo of a TV-screen and that would make them copyrighted by those that made the TV-reccording. Perhaps it is better to delete them? --MGA73 (copene) 6 di måss 2021 a 14:55 (UTC)

What about dini.jpg, which is an old coin from ca 1180? I certainly uploaded it for an article dinî (now dinî), with detailed explanations. But I do not remember where it comes from.
--Lucyin (copene) 9 di måss 2021 a 16:22 (UTC)
I would be willing to accept PD-art on that because it looks like a 2D work. So there is nothing creative about the photo (or scan) of the coin. But there is a risk someone will disagree. Yay the joy of being alive :-) --MGA73 (copene) 9 di måss 2021 a 21:13 (UTC)

If I may suggest something then start with the files in Categoreye:Files uploaded by Djozewal. Move all files unless:

  1. You suspect that Djozewal is not the original photographer/drawer
  2. It shows a building, statue, sign.... in a country that does not have Freedom of Panorama
  3. The photo/file is most likely never going to be used

After that do the same with the files in Categoreye:Files uploaded by Djozewal - need check. Those are the files I think may be a challenge. But perhaps you can tell if the files are okay by reading the text on the file page or the article where it is used.

Then ask mr. Schoovaerts about the rest of the files in the 2 categories.

Doing that should remove most of the files in Categoreye:All free media :)

After that we can make a list of the users that uploaded the rest of the files and if possible you can ask them if they can help us fix the files. --MGA73 (copene) 9 di måss 2021 a 21:47 (UTC)

O.K. I 'll ask him if he is the drawer of files in precieuse pire and sculptor of the wooden sculptures.
--Lucyin (copene) 11 di måss 2021 a 12:57 (UTC)
Thank you! --MGA73 (copene) 11 di måss 2021 a 14:42 (UTC)

Hi! I added .jpg in Special:diff/376089 but I wonder if 1) File:Coviete DVD fime d' imådjes Noersipene.jpg or 2) File:Wa DVD Schoovaerts Noersipene cou-coviete.jpg is supposed to show up? --MGA73 (copene) 17 di måss 2021 a 19:34 (UTC)

What do you mean ? Those covers were just a project of José Schoovaerts, to produce a material DVD, but it was never realised. Finally, the whole animation film was published in YouTube (after having been published in an other streaming site, "BlickTV" for some years).
Second question: You deleted Imådje:Descartes5.jpg and it is used in René Descartes. Should the file be removed from the article or is it on Commons with a new name? --MGA73 (copene) 17 di måss 2021 a 19:37 (UTC)
Sorry. I remamed it Wa Schoovaerts Descartes5.jpg. Names used by José Schoovaerts at the beginning of Walloon Wikipedia are often very simple. I think it is better to detail them on Commons. I try to change them here, but this time I forgot to do it. Sorry. It is OK now.
--Lucyin (copene) 18 di måss 2021 a 16:57 (UTC)
Thank you. Don't be sorry. :-) As for the first question I was just trying to make sure if the right file is used in the article or if it should have been the other file. If the right file is used then there is no problem. --MGA73 (copene) 18 di måss 2021 a 19:57 (UTC)
I transfered Eddy Mitchell å cmince.jpg. I guess it was a foto taken by José (he was a student in journalism at that time).I ask him with other questions.
--Lucyin (copene) 19 di måss 2021 a 16:44 (UTC)
Thank you! It is nice to have files moved to Commons :-) I moved some of them (Categoreye:NowCommons) and Uzeu:Èl-Gueuye-Noere asked me if I was sure about Imådje:Meparoba.gif and Imådje:Meparoba2.gif. Well I can't read the text but I assumed José Schoovaerts made a drawing of Jean Roba. --MGA73 (copene) 19 di måss 2021 a 18:32 (UTC)
No, it is just the contrary. The drawer is Jean Roba, and the drawed personnage with beard is José Schoovaerts. What about the rights ?
I moved Wa_diplome_Schoovaerts_scole_walon_Nameur.jpg (clearly his propriety, as receiver of the diploma + drawer of the picture above, left)
For Valmy Féaux Noû Lovén.jpg, he his probably the photographer, and I guess he "photoshoped" an erotic picture of him behind. I propose to crop in just the photogaphied Valmy Féaux (old minister having aranged a law of recognition of Walloon).
AujhauT.jpg has been painted by a painter called Melchiori in the 1920th. I did no find the date of death of this painter.
--Lucyin (copene) 19 di måss 2021 a 19:22 (UTC)
Okay if Jean Roba made the drawing then the drawing is copyrighted until 2006+70+1. So they can only be kept as fair use unless his hiers give a permission.
I added the OTRS on the files you moved to Commons.
The painting should not be moved to Commons unless we can find more information. --MGA73 (copene) 19 di måss 2021 a 20:06 (UTC)
I deleted the 2 files of Jean Roba on Commons. They can stay here on untill you find out what to do with them. If there are other files in Categoreye:NowCommons that are not made by José please let me know. --MGA73 (copene) 19 di måss 2021 a 20:20 (UTC)
Responses of José
files on Precieuse pire and on nuk are not his. Delete ? Keep here ? (he does not remember to have uploaded them, but comments are in Walloon).
Eddy Mitchell å cmince.jpg: the manager of Eddy Mitchell gave him the negative with all rights => OTRS, I think (moreover, it is a historical picture).
Årtike francès so Djôr Brassinse pa José Schoovaerts.jpg is his (text and drawing)
Bwes pondeure Schoovaerts pere Noyé.jpg is own painting and sculpture; Dame di bwès sculteye pa Djozé Schoovaerts.jpg is own sculpture.
--Lucyin (copene) 23 d' måss 2021 a 16:47 (UTC)
I think that files we do not know who made should be deleted. It must be possible to find replacements.
As for the old file of Eddy where he got a permission it is probably not possible to get the manager to confirm that. Especially not if he got it in the 1960s. We have other files like that on Commons c:Template:Grandfathered old file. So I think we should just keep it. --MGA73 (copene) 23 d' måss 2021 a 21:19 (UTC)
For diamonds cuts (Baguette.jpg), etc., I think it is standard pictures. I looked for similar in Commons, but I did not find any. Those pictures should be on another page, called «diyamant»; comments in Walloon should be kept. Now I changed the name of their original page to djowion, a more typical Walloon word for "gems".
--Lucyin (copene) 25 di måss 2021 a 17:05 (UTC)
Sadly not all files found on the internet are free. But if a few files are fixed every day then soon will be all cleaned up :-) --MGA73 (copene) 25 di måss 2021 a 20:20 (UTC)

I moved the knot images away from Categoreye:Files uploaded by Djozewal so hopefully the rest of the files in this category can now be moved to Commons. --MGA73 (copene) 26 di måss 2021 a 15:57 (UTC)


Gn a-t i vormint dandjî d' endè fé èn årtike tot seu ? On nel poreut nén mete avou Cawete -ot, come c'esteut å cmince ? Di pus, dji di ça et dji n' di rén, mins fwait 8 ans k' il a des flotches ! Eto, por mi, çou n' est nén ene dobe cawete, come on l' poreut vey (et co…) po -oter. Çou n' est k' el cawete -ot avou ene lete ristitcheye. E francès eto l' cawete wikt:fr:-oter egzistêye, mins çou n' est nén veyou come ene dobe cawete. Fijhans simpe ! Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 26 di måss 2021 a 07:14 (UTC)

Checking the files less than 30% left[candjî l’ côde wiki]


Just a status of the files on The numbers will update automatically but I added the numbers of today in ( ).

Total number of files is 653 files (today 1 010 files).

I have looked at the non-free files and I think that the files look good (based on a visual view of the files). Perhaps the description on the file pages need to be fixed but that is a minor problem. So as long as they are in use I do not think that those files is a problem.

So the files that should be checked is the 221 free files and the 364 files with an invalid copyright status (585 files in total).

It may seems as many files to check but when we started there was 2 069 files so there is less than 30% left to check!

Èl-Gueuye-Noere have deleted some files today but there are some files showing pictures of people and as discussed on Uzeu copene:Èl-Gueuye-Noere the question is if we need to check if the persons gave consent.

Another question is if the unused files can be deleted or if they are needed.

Perhaps you could have a look at these 2:

I do not think that all the 585 files can be saved. But some can perhaps be changed to non-free and other can perhaps be replaced with free files from Commons. I know it will take some time because I have only seen you, Èl-Gueuye-Noere and Reptilien.19831209BE1 work on files recently. But if all of you take a few files each week then it would be great.

I think it would be much easier if it is possible to get in contact with the users that uploaded the files so they can confirm source and pick a license. --MGA73 (copene) 11 d' avri 2021 a 16:04 (UTC)

I noticed that there are 433 Motî-pages in Categoreye:Pådjes a disfacer. When they are deleted more files will be orphan. For example Imådje:Aurtcheure2.jpg. I think that would make it easier to find the files that can be deleted. Would you like me to delete the pages with my bot or have you found a better way to delete the pages? --MGA73 (copene) 11 d' avri 2021 a 16:55 (UTC)
@MGA73 All pages in Category:Motî can be deleted. Èl-Gueuye-Noere asked me here if he could delete these pages, I answered him he could, but I don't know if he already start it. We have our own archive here. So, if you want to delete these pages with you bot, you're welcome! Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 12:50 (UTC)
Hi Reptilien.19831209BE1 great! Okay lets ask. Èl-Gueuye-Noere are you working on those pages? --MGA73 (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 14:26 (UTC)
Hi everyone,
It's an excellent idea that I check other categories of files. To be honest, I've already begun with this one few days ago, and I just see right now that there are 4 images that need to be deleted. I also, indeed, asked Reptilien for this category, because I knew he would be glad that I take a weight off his shoulders. If you need something else, feel free to ask me.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 17:25 (UTC)
Hi Èl-Gueuye-Noere! Thank you for deleting the files! That is great! Do you need to check anything before you delete the Motî-pages? If not then it would perhaps be easier to do it with the bot (if that still works). --MGA73 (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 17:46 (UTC)
I don't think I need to check anything for Motî-pages, seeing that they were all exported to Wiccionaire (Walloon-speaking Wiktionary), unless Reptilien tell me the contrary. Thanks for asking if I need the help of a bot, but I don't really need it. :-) However, I'd like to understand what I've to do with these categories :
- Non-free files (Category:Tos les fitchîs di medias nén libes)
- Files with invalid copyright (Category:All invalid copyright media)
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 17:54 (UTC)
I confirme Èl-Gueuye-Noere that you don't need to check anyting, as I already did it myself during the importation on wa.wiktionary. I think you should accept MGA73's help about using a bot for deleting, this task should be done in a few hours. There are more than 2 thousand pages and you often forget to delete redirects to these pages : see Special:BrokenRedirects. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 18:15 (UTC)
Reptilien.19831209BE1 I do not think that my bot will delete the redirects. But once the pages are deleted we can make a list of redirects and delete them. --MGA73 (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 20:09 (UTC)

Èl-Gueuye-Noere I suggest to start with the free files and those with invalid copyright. But in time all the files in Category:Tos les fitchîs di medias nén libes should be checked too:

  1. It should be checked if the file is eligible for non-free use. I do not think that have a local policy but links to en:Wikipedia:Non-free content.
  2. A rationale should be added (see en:Category:Non-free use rationale templates) and a copyright tag (see [[:en:Wikipedia:File copyright tags/Non-free). So far do not have more than 1?
  3. If the file is too big it should be reduced (see en:Wikipedia:Non-free_content#Image_resolution). If there are many files it could perhaps be easier to persuade someone with a bot do it.
  4. If the file is used anywhere else than on articles then it should be removed from those pages (like userpages or discussion pages).
  5. If the file have more versions like Imådje:1000_mots_5_modêyes.jpg then the old versions should be hidden.
  6. If the file is completely unused (see Special:UnusedFiles) then it should be added to an article or deleted.

The files in Category:All invalid copyright media should be checked like this:

  1. Where does the file come from? Who made the file? Is it in any way possible to add a free license? That is for example possible for the files created by active wikipedians if they add a valid source, author and license or if the file is out of copyright.
  2. If it is not possible to add a free license then the test is the same as for the non-free files (see above).

If a file can't be fixed by adding a free license and if fair use is not possible, then the file should be deleted. --MGA73 (copene) 12 d' avri 2021 a 20:31 (UTC)

Thank you @Michael for your explanations.
@Reptilien, you're right, I totally forgot the infamous "Pierdoûs redjiblaedjes" (Broken redirects). I think we could ask Michael if he still can make a bot in order to erase those articles from "Pådjes a disfacer", and I will delete the "motî" articles and check the others from this category. Do you agree with this idea?
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 11:27 (UTC)
If Uzeu:Lucyin make Uzeu:MGA73bot admin we can see if I can still delete pages. If the account is also given a bot flag the deletions will not be visible on recent changes unless you actively chose to show bot edits. --MGA73 (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 12:57 (UTC)
Sorry ! I did not follow yet this discussion.
I looked the category: All invalid copyright media. I moved one photo of Borbouze to Commons (Broûli-d'-Peche bunker Hitler.JPG). All the following can follow the same way (photographs taken and uploaded by Louis Baijot).
@Gueuye-Noere: si vos vloz et k' vos avoz l' tins, vos ploz fé l' minme po:
Tomorrow, I will list the ones with "licince coviete".
Yes, I can make Uzeu:MGA73bot admin for some time (how long?) to delete other unconvenient pics. Remember me the way.
--Lucyin (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 18:49 (UTC)
Hi Lucyin! I think 3 days should be enough to delete the pages. --MGA73 (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 19:34 (UTC)
@Lucyin, les fitchîs ont stî metous so les Commons. Fwait ! Fwait ! --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 19:42 (UTC)
But to be sure I need very clear directions on what to delete. Is it 1) all the Motî-pages in Categoreye:Pådjes a disfacer (~400 pages) or is it 2) all the pages in Categoreye:Motî (~2,590 pages)? --MGA73 (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 19:44 (UTC)
I confirm that you can delete Categoreye:Motî (~2,590 pages). Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 20:28 (UTC)
Thank you Reptilien.19831209BE1! Once Lucyin have changed the user rights I will see if I can still use my bot to delete pages. Admin to delete and bot if you want to be able to hide the edits from recent changes. --MGA73 (copene) 14 d' avri 2021 a 05:50 (UTC)
Look if it works (for one week) (@Reptilyin: merci, vos, Djulén pol hårdêye direk, dji halkinéve pol trover).
--Lucyin (copene) 14 d' avri 2021 a 16:26 (UTC)
It works! Would you like to add a bot flag first or should I just delete the pages now? --MGA73 (copene) 14 d' avri 2021 a 18:45 (UTC)
I just remembered that it is also possible to hide the deletions by filtering away logged actions. Just let me know what you prefer. I tested and is ready to delete. --MGA73 (copene) 14 d' avri 2021 a 19:01 (UTC)
Dear @Michael,
I saw that your bot have already many motî-articles. I'm going to delete the broken redirects, once the list updates itself.
Thank you very much for your help.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 16:01 (UTC)

All deleted now! Èl-Gueuye-Noere I tested to see if I could delete the redirects too and deleted a few (the latest edits with the edit summary (Motî redirect)). But I found out that there are pages like Motî:air 2 that is not a redirect but a page that was just not in Categoreye:Motî. So perhaps you could check the 4 pages I deleted and see if they should be restored? I think perhaps the best is to add the remaining Motî-pages to Categoreye:Motî and check them to see if they are copied to the relevant website. Or perhaps Reptilien.19831209BE1 can confirm that they are also copied even if they were not in the category? --MGA73 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 18:27 (UTC)

--MGA73 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 18:31 (UTC)
I made this list Uzeu:MGA73/Sandbox that has +2.800 redirects. --MGA73 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 18:47 (UTC
I managed to get the bot to undelete the 4 pages Motî:Såvnire, Motî:Sint-Mår, Motî:Rétchem and Motî:Inguezêye. Reptilien.19831209BE1 could you check them too? --MGA73 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 19:28 (UTC)
And what about talk pages? :-D --MGA73 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 19:37 (UTC)
I deleted the four motî-articles above, because they already were on Wiccionaire and the content of all of them is the same.--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 20:07 (UTC)
Yes, all these talk pages can be deleted. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 20:11 (UTC)

Okay I will delete the 2800 redirects in my sandbox tomorrow and then look at the talk pages later. --MGA73 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 20:56 (UTC)

Deleted. I found 1379 talk pages and added them to Uzeu:MGA73/Sandbox. Feel free to check a few random pages to verify they are not relevant. --MGA73 (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 07:36 (UTC)
It's ok for me, you can delete them all. For example, Copene:Motî:-ire is archived here. You can go. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 09:26 (UTC)

All pages are now deleted! I think the content of Categoreye:Pådjes a disfacer should be checked and deleted manually. --MGA73 (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 14:46 (UTC)

I did it !
--Lucyin (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 15:53 (UTC)
Thanks! I just need to wait that the last broken redirections of motî-articles update themselves here. It seems I can check Djozewal's problematic pictures (what the license is concerned) right now.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 16:10 (UTC)
Èl-Gueuye-Noere I hope it will not be to many broken redirects. If it hundreds of redirects perhaps we can fix them with a bot too. But if it is 50 I think it is better to do manually.
There are now 60 unused files on Special:UnusedFiles unless they have a good source and author I suggest to delete them. Perhaps Lucyin you could do a viasual look and see if there are any files you would like to save? And if not Èl-Gueuye-Noere can do the hard work of deleting the files :-) --MGA73 (copene) 17 d' avri 2021 a 13:06 (UTC)
I've checked them, there are only 27 of them. What Special:UnusedFiles are concerned, I prefer to wait the green light of Lucyin. --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 17 d' avri 2021 a 14:53 (UTC)
Sure Èl-Gueuye-Noere! I noticed a red Motî-link on Botôssåt perhaps you can fix that. --MGA73 (copene) 17 d' avri 2021 a 20:06 (UTC)
Fwait ! Fwait ! Done!

Les deus imådjes k' on rtouve divins R9 et R11 : schavoe des postinnîs et schavrece di houyeu, c' est dins ké live k' ele ont stî prinjhes ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 11 d' avri 2021 a 16:36 (UTC)

c' est nén Dieudonné Salme, mins èn ôte Salme, dessineu å Muzêye do Vicaedje des Walons (dji m' a brouyî).
schavrece di houyeu: dins l' motî Haust (im. 334 a haverèce).
schavoe des postinnîs: motoit dins èn årtike sol les postinnîs di Hu dins les Inketes do Muzêye do Vicaedje des Walons. Dji vs dirè cwè dmwin.
Por mi, ele sont libes.
--Lucyin (copene) 11 d' avri 2021 a 18:14 (UTC)
A, po Haust, c' est don c' fitchî la. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 11 d' avri 2021 a 18:35 (UTC)
Oyi; po l' ôte, dji n' ritrouve nén l' sourdant do papî so les postinnîs hutwès (dj' a dvou piede ci limero la des EMVW. Motoit dmander a Batisse Frankinet.
--Lucyin (copene) 13 d' avri 2021 a 10:46 (UTC)

Vos av diné l' caskete di manadjeu a MGA73bot, mins vos av rovyî d' lyi dner l' cene di robot. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 06:34 (UTC)

E-n efet, MGA73bot n' est nén rwaitî come on robot. Dj' el a sayî d' fé, mins dji n' a nén les droets po ; do côp, dji n' pou nén vs aidî. --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 10:12 (UTC)
Asteure, ça va ?
--Lucyin (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 16:29 (UTC)
I va Fwait ! Fwait !
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 16:52 (UTC)

Bouchnikha banslêye بَشْنيخِ[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hola Lucyin. Te escribo porque necesito tu ayuda con esto. Yo no entiendo el idioma valón, ¿me podrías traducir esto? (español, francés o inglés):

  • Mot d' aplacaedje (avou bo-) "بو" + "شنيخة"
  1. (fleur) grande ombrelrece ki l' tiesse souwêye sieve come boute-foû po les dints, (no e sincieus latén co a trover).
  2. boute-foû po les dints (di cisse plante la et d' ôtes sôres).

Quiero saber el origen del bouchnikha (el dulce) y qué relación tiene con el bouchnikha (la planta). Aprovecho la ocasión para darte las gracias por todas tus aportaciones al proyecto Wiki. Saludos! --El Mono Español (copene) 15 d' avri 2021 a 16:54 (UTC) (if you wish to answer: es:Usuario discusión:El Mono Español)

Respondí en su página de discusión.
Cumplidos !
--Lucyin (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 13:49 (UTC)
Hola Lucyin. "Dulce" en el sentido de "postre" (patisserie, sucrerie). La bouchnikha es un dulce que se elabora en Marruecos durante el Ramadán. Quizá se llame así precisamente porque se parece a la flor, o porque se parece al cure-dent. Hay una relación etimológica ahí que no comprendo todavía. Lo investigaré. Muchas gracias por tu traducción, y sobre la foto en Habet hlawa, ya la he retirado. Gracias por avisarme! Un saludo El Mono Español (copene) 16 d' avri 2021 a 15:31 (UTC)
Si ! la relación etimológica es que este dulce se parece al "cure-dent" (la cabeza de Visnaga daucoides) que se vende en las herboristerías. No conocía este significado de "bo chnikha", aunque es muy común. Gracias.
--Lucyin (copene) 17 d' avri 2021 a 01:19 (UTC)

Joseph Durbuy et Jean Lejeune[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Dins ké live a stî prinjhe cisse foto la ? Dvins Les Cahiers Wallons ? limero ?, date ?

Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 20 d' avri 2021 a 06:10 (UTC)

Nonna, dins l' Antolodjeye Fleurs diyalectåles, 1974. Li live a stî eplaidî på pere d' on camaeråde, Pierre Charlier, k' esteut al «Propriété Terrienne», ki m' end aveut dné tos les abondroets (mins djusse oralmint !!!) diviè 1995-2000. Mins cwè çki ça våt dins l' droet do djeu Wiki ???
--Lucyin (copene) 21 d' avri 2021 a 16:15 (UTC)
Di fwait, djel a rtrové, come dj' aveu scané ç' live la gn a ddja on ptit moumint. Si vs avoz yeu ls abondroets (minme oralmint) et k' vs estoz seur ki nolu ni s' va plinde, adon dji va mete el foto so les Cmons, tot djhant kel fotografe n' est nén cnoxhou. Mins po çou k' est do live (tot etir), ça n' va nén passer paski c' est on ramexhnaedje d' ouves sicrites pa puzieurs oteurs. I fåt rwaitî ls abondroets di tos les oteurs, et come on trouve des bokets dizo abondroets, metans les cis da Roger Viroux, ça n' pasrè nén. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 06:05 (UTC)
Fwait ! Fwait ! vloz ploz dmander l' disfaçaedjes di l'ôte foto so les Cmons. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 06:20 (UTC)

Et po cisse foto la, nén co so les Cmons, did wice k' ele vént ?

Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 06:28 (UTC)

Dji croe k' c' esteut dins on «Djåzans walon (gazete)», mins seur ricopyî d' ôte pårt, et sins dire d' eyou.
--Lucyin (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 16:03 (UTC)

Files that need a permission[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hi! I have changed a few files like Imådje:GastonS.jpg to fair use. I also think that we need to change the drawings in Jacques Van Melkebeke to fair use. If you or José knows the heirs we could of course ask for a permission.

Èl-Gueuye-Noere and I had a discussion in Imådje copene:Tchampion wisconsin wi.jpg. Usually we need a permission send to OTRS but if that is not possible we can still keep it because it was uploaded long ago before OTRS was introduced. However I think the best is if you could tell us if you and Yves Paquet agreed to a specific license? If not what do you think would be the best license? --MGA73 (copene) 21 d' avri 2021 a 20:12 (UTC)

Drawings on Van Melkebeke: yes, please, change the licence of the drawings. To look for heirs is a herculean work, out of our reach.
Yes, you can use a specific licence for Imådje copene:Tchampion wisconsin wi.jpg (Yves Paquet has died, aged 51, in 2004; he has been the president of our NGO "Li Rantoele", so I think his permision at the time of uploading is enough).
In José Schoovaerts page, what about the deleted file Imådje:Cestdimanche.jpg, which seems to be a trial (zero issue) for a newspaper he created himself ? (Limero "0" d' ene gazete, adjinçnêye et editêye pa l' ome).
--Lucyin (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 10:50 (UTC)
I added a cc-by-sa-4.0 to Imådje:Tchampion wisconsin wi.jpg and moved it to Commons. Perhaps you could add a category?
I will fix the 2 drawings of Van Melkebeke. About the photo of him do you think that José is the photographer? What does the text say? --MGA73 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 15:07 (UTC)
yes, following his statement: file done by myself, for myself. I think he attended the scene as journalist, and took the photo for a coming article, as he always did when we had happenings with the NGO Li Rantoele.

--Lucyin (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 16:38 (UTC)

And yes I think it is best to delete doubtful files especially when they are not used. There are still many files in Special:UnusedFiles that I think you could delete. There will perhaps be a few more if I blank Uzeu:Djozewal/Files-gallery. --MGA73 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 15:16 (UTC)
I did some. What about the Taxhe.jpg: it is an 19th century pub sign that has been destroyed in 1911. So I think it is free. (it is especially interesting for Walloon orthography, as old "xh" digraph appearing in it, has been re-used in standard Walloon. See: Category:Walloon-language place name signs using xh spelling.
--Lucyin (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 16:38 (UTC)
Yes I agree that it is PD now. --MGA73 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 18:54 (UTC)

I noticed Imådje:Solê ombrant Wâjî 2005.jpg. If Louis Baijot and User:Borbouze is the same then I think it would be best to add that information on the file pages. Otherwise someone might wonder if the uploader had a permission from the photographer. --MGA73 (copene) 22 d' avri 2021 a 19:52 (UTC)

I can confirm that Borbouze and Louis Baijot were the same person. I add this piece of information on the describing template. --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 23 d' avri 2021 a 12:26 (UTC)

In c:Commons:Deletion_requests/Files_in_Category:Books_in_Walloon#Files_in_Category:Books_in_Walloon a files made by José Schoovaerts is mentioned. Perhaps it would be best to send him an email and have him confirm that he created the file and release it cc-by-sa-4.0 and also mention the 3 files in Categoreye:Prôpès ouves da Djozewal. So list:

--MGA73 (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 05:35 (UTC)

Hi Lucyin, Èl-Gueuye-Noere and Reptilien.19831209BE1! I created Modele:Grandfathered old file that should help decide if a file should remain local or can be moved to Commons or perhaps be deleted. --MGA73 (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 06:08 (UTC)
Thank you. Now it is clear how to use it.
--Lucyin (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 13:59 (UTC)
Hello everyone,
I take notice of your template
Thank you, very much,
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 6 di may 2021 a 15:48 (UTC)
Hi Lucyin and Èl-Gueuye-Noere. I'm happy you like it :-)
Lucyin have you contacted Mr. Schoovaerts about the 4 files above (or do you plan to do so)? --MGA73 (copene) 7 di may 2021 a 18:28 (UTC)
I can't upload the files mentioned in c:Commons:Deletion requests/Files in Category:Books in Walloon to Only admins can upload files to If you need help perhaps Èl-Gueuye-Noere have time to help. But if you get a permission we can just undelete the files on Commons. --MGA73 (copene) 7 di may 2021 a 18:48 (UTC)
Tell me when you'll have the permission to do so and I'll do it.
Yours sincerely,
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 7 di may 2021 a 19:35 (UTC)

Hi Lucyin! Did you notice my question about the 4 files by Schoovaerts? --MGA73 (copene) 11 di may 2021 a 19:00 (UTC)

Sorry. I did not see it. I will send him an email right now.
--Lucyin (copene) 12 di may 2021 a 10:13 (UTC)

On n' sai nén grand tchwès sor lu, mins on pout tolminme dire k' il est priyesse, k' il a ratourné/redjårbé e walon e 1934 Raymonde de Hoursinne da Georges Lecomte, tot wårdant l' minme tite, et k' ès no d' pene c' est Jean Rys. On l' trouve divins l' Motî biyobibiografike des scrijheus e walon, la k' il est scrît k' il a skepyî li 10 d' awousse 1902. MINS, divins l' gazete Singulîs 4inme trimesse 2008 (la) ci n' sereut nén 1902 mins 1906 (i gn a k' l' anêye). Sereut ç' ene flotche ? El sårîz sawè, vos, ki cnoxhoz, pinse dju, les eplaideus del gazete ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 26 d' avri 2021 a 08:58 (UTC)

Dj' el va dmander a Pire Otdjåke. Mins i n' respond nén todi a ses emiles (il a bråmint d' l' ovraedje di s' mestî).
--Lucyin (copene) 26 d' avri 2021 a 13:31 (UTC)
Response da Pire: Jean HANIN (pseudo Jean Rys) èst bin vnu ô monde lu 10-08-1902 a Måtche (La littérature dialectale dans la province de Luxembourg par Jules VANDEREUSE-1936).
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' may 2021 a 13:59 (UTC)

Hi! This one should be easy. If you can confirm that you are the photographer you can just add a license. --MGA73 (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 05:41 (UTC)

Yes, I confirm it. I was in Saint-Hubert at a "hunting fair", in September 1979).
I transferred it and renamed it.
--Lucyin (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 15:53 (UTC)
Perfect :-) --MGA73 (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 20:51 (UTC)

If you want to have a quick look there is still Categoreye:Files uploaded by Lucyin and Categoreye:Files uploaded by Lucyin - no license and all the photos you have taken should be easy to fix too. --MGA73 (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 20:54 (UTC)

Thank you. I will study them progressively. As their are the first ones ever uploaded, they refer to old articles which often need updating.
--Lucyin (copene) 29 d' avri 2021 a 13:44 (UTC)
Nothing better than old gold :-) --MGA73 (copene) 29 d' avri 2021 a 18:59 (UTC)
Some questions:
About files with Walloon texte (like Acrostitche_Petcheur.jpg, uploaded in 2004-2005 with oral permission of writer: can they be transfered to Commons (with {{self|cc-by-sa-4.0}} licence)?
Thank you.
--Lucyin (copene) 30 d' avri 2021 a 15:34 (UTC)
If you got a permission I think we can use c:Template:Grandfathered old file. It is good for files uploaded before 2007. --MGA73 (copene) 1î d' may 2021 a 12:42 (UTC)
mange tak ! I will try some.
--Lucyin (copene) 1î d' may 2021 a 14:03 (UTC)
Oh Danish :-) You are welcome! --MGA73 (copene) 1î d' may 2021 a 17:55 (UTC)

Dj' advene ki, come il a metou s' tecse so l' Aberteke vaici, måy eplaidî so papî, c' est ki vs avoz ls abondroets et k' on l' pout vey come dizo licince cc-by-sa ? On l' metreut so Wikisourd ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 13:34 (UTC)

Oyi; i m' a dné deus grands tecses nén eplaidîs, paski trop longs po mete dins les Noveles des WASAB (e 2002). Vos les ploz rtiper so Wikisourd. On î pôrè mete adon les mwaissès copeyes ki dji doe aveur metou e boune plaece.
Oyi, dj' els a; dji mete dedja les tites so Wikisourd. Si vos vloz, dji vos les riscane (gn a des desséns. Dji n' årè pus waire di tins foû del Rantoele-gazete e moes d' may. Avou ça k' dji n' sai pus wice ki dj' a roisté "Cour d' agnon" et dji n' a nén co atôtchî ni Pire Otdjåke, ni Djan Djermwin. Dji frè tot çoula dmwin, sins fåte !!!)
--Lucyin (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 16:05 (UTC):--Lucyin (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 15:39 (UTC)

El date di skepiaedje do 13 di decimbe 1940, c' est dvins l' Antolodjeye « Scrire » k' on l' trouve ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 13:51 (UTC)

Djusse, Ogusse !
--Lucyin (copene) 28 d' avri 2021 a 15:42 (UTC)

Imådjes a disfacer[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bondjoû Lucyin,
Dj' åreu bén dandjî d' vost advize so ene sacwè. Les imådjes k' on trove roci n' sont nén uzeyes. Do côp, est-ç' ki dji pou les disfacer totes ubén soulmint ene parteye inte di zels (come les cis ki sont totes pitites, på egzimpe) ubén vos preferez ki dji leye ces imådjes ci come çoula ?
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 29 d' avri 2021 a 13:54 (UTC)

Oyi, dji sai bén ki dji dvreu relére tot çoula. Neni, n' elzès disfacîz nén: elle estént loyeyes a des pådjes do motî, et gn a des cenes a rmete so les Cmons (come li foto di m' mame Hålete.jpg ki vos ploz rtiper so les Cmons, et rmete sol Wiccionaire a hålete).
--Lucyin (copene) 29 d' avri 2021 a 14:16 (UTC)
Fwait ! Fwait ! --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 29 d' avri 2021 a 14:22 (UTC)
Tén, gn a des cenes k' ont ddja stî reberwetêyes so les Cmons, mins sins esse disfaceyes ciddé (dji vén d' disfacer metans: Tamene.jpg). Cesses-lales, vos les ploz xhorbi (= disfacer) did ci, si vos avoz l' tins d' les rpasser.
--Lucyin (copene) 30 d' avri 2021 a 15:41 (UTC)

Foto avou Djozewal dissu[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Bondjoû Lucyin,
Savoz-vs ki a prindou cisse foto ci? Si l' oteur n' est nén kinoxhou, dj' el duvrè disfacer.
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 12 di may 2021 a 13:51 (UTC)

ça doet esse mi, avou l' aparey da Djozé, a on raploû del Rantoele.
Dji l' a-st apresté po l' tiper so les Cmons. El vloz bén fé?
--Lucyin (copene) 12 di may 2021 a 16:30 (UTC)
Fwait ! Fwait ! --Èl-Gueuye-Noere (copene) 12 di may 2021 a 18:23 (UTC)

Invitation for Functionary consultation 2021[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Greetings, Admins of the emerging community,

I'm letting you know in advance about a meeting I'd like to invite you to regarding the Universal Code of Conduct and the community's ownership of its future enforcement. I'm still in the process of putting together the details, but I wanted to share the date with you: 10/11 July, 2021. I do not have a time on this date yet, but I will let you soon. We have created a meta page with basic information. Please take a look at the meta page and sign up your name under the appropriate section.

Thank you for your time.--BAnand (WMF) 15:14, 10 June 2021 (UTC)

Translation request (eng to Walloon)[candjî l’ côde wiki]

Hello dear Lucyn. I'd like to ask you to translate the small article to Walloon, and add it to wikipedia. Thank you in advance. God will bless you!

I have added explanations of the UN General assembly resolution on Crimêye pådje (history).
--Lucyin (copene) 27 d' awousse 2021 a 12:03 (UTC)

Po Wikidata, les dates 1910 (Djåce)-20/12/2006, savoz s'on les pout trover dvins Lë Sauvèrdia, l° 242 ? Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 27 d' awousse 2021 a 14:11 (UTC)

Pol date di moirt: Soverdea 242, fevrî 2007; Hinri est moirt [a morou] a Maret «lë mièrkëdë dvant l' Noyé ». Dj' a dvou rcarculé ki c' esteut l' 20 di decimbe.
Pol date di skepiaedje, dandjreus dins Nos campagnes (ki dene l' anêye, nén l' djoû), mins - nodjdju ! - (såf respet), li live n' est nén e s' plaece e m' bibioteke (dj' a bouté avou lanawaire, et nén rmetou e s' plaece !!!)
--Lucyin (copene) 27 d' awousse 2021 a 17:30 (UTC)
Gråces. Dj' a ddja metou l' sourdant pol date di moirt. Si vos rmetoz l' mwin so vo live Nos campagnes et trover l' date di skepiaedje, dijhoz mel, djel radjoutrè eto. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 27 d' awousse 2021 a 18:03 (UTC)
Oyi, dji l' a rtrové (il esteut rtchôkî avou les motîs estô d' esse avou les antolodjeyes). C' est bén çoula (anêye 1910, sins date).
--Lucyin (copene) 30 d' awousse 2021 a 12:18 (UTC)

Po les dzo-tites ki vos dmandîz, loukîz a Boylete, Arnica et Tchivalidîs si c' est a çoula k' voz sondjîz ?

Po les tites des lives, films et gazetes e clintcheyès letes, dji boute co dsu, mins ça va esse assez simpe a fé. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 1î d' setimbe 2021 a 18:53 (UTC)

A... po des tites come Li ptit Lidjwès (gazete), avou rfondaedje do tite et « (gazete) » å dbout, dji pinse k' i fåt eto eployî on dzo-tite. Dji n' voe nén comint fé otrumint. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 1î d' setimbe 2021 a 18:58 (UTC)

Ebén, vos estoz co pus sûti ki Marlin l' estchanteu. C' est estra !
--Lucyin (copene) 3 d' setimbe 2021 a 12:48 (UTC)

Po Wikidata, c' est dins ké sourdant ki vs avoz trové Opin come plaece di skepiaedje ? Dins Goustindje dès djoûs il est scrît k' c' est a Maransåt.

Minme kesse po Marcelle Martin, c' est dvins l' antolodjeye Scrire ki vs avoz trové les dates do 12 di djanvî 1926 et 1995 ?

P.S. dj' a bén rçû vo ptite bistoke, merci bén ça fwait todi plaijhi. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 19 di setimbe 2021 a 18:44 (UTC)

Marcelle Martin: nexhance: oyi: dins "Scrire"; Moirt: dandjreus dins "Djåzans walon" (Scrire a vudî e 1993). Dji louke si dji sai rtrover li l°.
Marie-Louise (Ledrut)-Choisez: dandjreus dins les "Cayés Walons" (elle a dvou awè on limero a pårt) (dji n' a nén "Goustindje dès djoûs"). Dji va sayî d' el ritrover.
--Lucyin (copene) 20 d' setimbe 2021 a 12:09 (UTC)
Choisez: on limero a pårt des CW (11/87), mins pont d' notule divins. Dji cwir co.
Rén trové dins les rapoirts des Relîs 1998, 1999 & 2000, mins bén li date di moirt da Jean de Lathuy (k' esteut foirt crombe); dji l' a rcandjî so Wikidata, mins n' a nén polou mete li sourdant del racsegne (Les Cahiers wallons, 2/1999 p. 32)
--Lucyin (copene) 20 d' setimbe 2021 a 13:20 (UTC)

Bien cher Lucyn, comment-ve tu? Ça fait du temp qu'on ne communique pas... eh?

Moi ça va, et aussi mon amour et toute la famille.

Je pense que tu aurà plaisir en savoir que j'ai ouverte cette page dan la Wikipedia Italienne.

À bientôt

Rei Momo (copene) 19 di setimbe 2021 a 22:39 (UTC)

Grazie mille
--Lucyin (copene) 20 d' setimbe 2021 a 12:10 (UTC)

I nd a deus :

  • La flore médicale wallonne, 1939 (C89)
  • Dictionnaire wallon hutois des noms de plantes indigènes et cultivées, 1949 (E26)

I nd åreut minme on troejhinme sorlon Google : Vocabulaire des plantes consacrées de la flore populaire, 1954

Dji va ddja radjouter l' deujhinme so Wikidata. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 29 di setimbe 2021 a 12:15 (UTC)

Fwait ! Fwait ! d:Q108742090. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 29 di setimbe 2021 a 12:26 (UTC)

Translation request[candjî l’ côde wiki]


Can you translate and upload the articles en:Azerbaijanis and en:Azerbaijani language in Walloon Wikipedia? They certainly do not need to be long and detailed.

Yours sincerely, Multituberculata (copene) 1î d' nôvimbe 2021 a 21:13 (UTC)

Yes. I do this as soon as possible (probably in December, because I am now on holydays). The language is already quoted in the language list page.
Sincerely yours.
--Lucyin (copene) 4 di nôvimbe 2021 a 16:16 (UTC)

Vos av radjouté li 24 di may 2008 qu'il « a skepyî li 12 di setimbe 1707 ».

Divins l' motî biyographique Pirsoul/Coppe il est scrît : « Né à Namur, au commencement du XVIIIe siècle, mort à l'Hospice Saint-Gilles, le 12 janvier 1784. Il devait être âgé de 80 ans. » S'il aveut 80 ans, adon il areut dvou skepyî e 1704, nén 1707.

Divins l' Biyografeye nationåle di Beldjike, tome 39, il est scrît : « né à Namur où il fut baptisé le 12 septembre 1707 ».

Dji n' croe nén k' il a stî batijhî l' minme djoû k' il a vnou å monde. Dji sreu po mete come date di skepiance « å cmince do XVIIIe sieke ». Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 23 d' nôvimbe 2021 a 12:35 (UTC)

Si on l' mete vinou å monde e 1704, c' est drole d' esse batijhî a 3 ans. On batijheut todi les efants li pus timpe possibe (3 a 7 djoûs), peu k' leu-z åme n' alaxhe dins les limbes s' il årént yeu morou sins bateme. Li bateme si fjheut SINS l' mame, ki n' aveut nén droet di rmoussî e l' eglijhe disk' å djoû di s' ramessaedje (2 a 4 samwinnes, sorlon si l' payelé aveut stî rujhûle u nén). Divant çoula, li payelinne esteut come ene payinne (kimelaedje des deus mots).
Dji metreu purade "skepyî å cmince do moes d' setimbe 1707". Cwand il a morou il "dveut awè" = il aveut "a pô près" 80 ans. On n' esteut nén a ene barbôjhe, adon.
--Lucyin (copene) 27 di nôvimbe 2021 a 17:35 (UTC)
Iva, c' est çou k' a stî decidé eto so Wikidata : d:Topic:Wkvi7bdd5qxj07j0. Reptilien.19831209BE1 (copene) 28 di nôvimbe 2021 a 09:08 (UTC)

Bonswer Lucyin,
Porîz rwaitî el licince d' èç imådje la po sawè si on l' pout mete so les Commons. On n' kinoxhe nén l' oteur yet l' date nerén. Adon, comint k' ça poreut esse ene imådje foû abondroets ?
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (Ene sacwè ? => Dijhoz-m' el !) 27 di nôvimbe 2021 a 19:47 (UTC)

Dji so co e l' Walonreye. Docô ki dj' rarive dilé m' bibioteke, dji louke tos ces vîs eberwetaedjes la, po vey did wice k' i vnèt. Ça dvreut esse sovint di Fleurs diyalectåles ki dj' end aveu yeu tos les abondroets di rprodujhaedje do fi d' l' eplaideu. Fåreut co vey si cist acoird la (di boke a oraye) sereut accepté pa les «permissionisses». Gn a ddja sacwants sfwaitès fotos k' ont passé so les Cmons.
--Lucyin (copene) 28 di nôvimbe 2021 a 10:19 (UTC)
A neni ! I n' este nén ddins. Ça dvreut esse dins ene antolodjeye u l' ôte. Dji loucrè après come dit ciddé padzeu.
--Lucyin (copene) 28 di nôvimbe 2021 a 10:22 (UTC)

Bondjoû Lucyin, comint çki ça va avou vozôtes ?
Dj' a djusse ene pitite rimårke rwaitant l' tite principå d' èç årtike rola. Gn a sacwantès rujhes avou :

  • Li tite est mo long po mostrer ene sacwè.
  • Li tite rishonne pus a on definixhaedje k' a on terme (sapinse åzès francès-cåzants).
  • Li mot hamburger a stî ddja rmetou e walon pa vozôtes. Ådzeu d' ça, on-z a eto wårdé li mot oridjinå.

Ki ça vos våye bén,
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (Ene sacwè ? => Dijhoz-m' el !) 23 d' decimbe 2021 a 13:31 (UTC)

Dji l' aveu veyou lomé come ça dins l' live da Jean Goffart. Dj' aveu cmincî l' årtike, sins sawè k' i gn aveut ddja onk. Après, dji les a rmaxhî. Tén: li mot est dins l' franwal d' Ite. am’burguèr => on l' rimetreut sins H, mins avou GU come li valixhance di G e walon ?
--Lucyin (copene) 23 d' decimbe 2021 a 16:39 (UTC)
Dank traze côps ! :-)
--Èl-Gueuye-Noere (Ene sacwè ? => Dijhoz-m' el !) 23 d' decimbe 2021 a 18:22 (UTC)